Quest Forever

Quest Forever is an application for the Android mobile platform that allows players to view stats for their own and others' toons in Sony Online Entertainment's Everquest™ and Everquest II™ MMORPG.

Further information can be found on the project's Wiki


BogMail is a Windows application that lives in the system tray and periodically checks POP3 servers for new email. It can preview the first few lines of an email before downloading it and allows you to safely delete spam and infected emails without risk of revealing your personal information or exposing your PC to the dangers of malware.

Additionally, the app supports speech synthesis and will read out loud the number of new emails.

BogMail requires the .NET framework version 2 or higher.

Download here


BogDICT is a simple Windows client for the DICT protocol provided by sites such as It supports various dictionaries and thesuaruses.

Download here